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The Tests of Shame Return to Lebanon

In recent days, it has become evident that anal tests or “Shame Tests” have returned to Lebanon, as Dr. Ahmad Mokdad, a Lebanese forensic doctor, has been examining individuals using the abusive test in order to determine their sexual orientation. The test, banned on August 7th 2012 by the Lebanese Order of Physicians, includes the forcible insertion of a metal egg-shaped object into the anal rectum, which supposedly tells if an individual had anal intercourse. Obviously, the test is a sham, as it fails to prove anything. Firstly, consensual anal intercourse does not leave permanent scarring or result in deformities of the anus or penis. Secondly, homosexuality, which is what the test is intended to prove, is not only about anal sex but is a much more complex concept, based on attraction, behaviour and identity.

In August 2012, the Lebanese police arrested 35 men (which is reported here, on the Daily Star website) at a cinema in the Bourj Hammoud district of Beirut, as they had received a tip-off that the men were watching homosexual pornography. All the men were subjected to the test and forced to pay the $85 which the test costs. Three of the men were later charged of ‘unnatural sex’ under the archaic and condemned Article 534 of the Lebanese Penal Code. Whatever the conviction, the anal probe still scarred all 35 men. The Lebanese Order of Physicians, politicians and human rights activists came out strongly against the tests; there were protests staged around Beirut, denouncing the tests of shame, as they came to be known. Apparently the “Provincetown of the Middle East” (a claim made by the New York Times) is only a “gay haven” for tourists, not for locals, and definitely not for refugees (which became evident after the Dekwaneh scandal).

The anal tests in 2012 caused an outbreak of protests across Beirut. Helem, the Arab World's leading LGBT organisation was at the frontline protesting this crime.

The anal tests in 2012 caused an outbreak of protests across Beirut. Helem, the Arab World’s leading LGBT organisation was at the frontline protesting this crime.

The Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health (LebMASH)  just released a position statement ( on anal tests to assess someone’s sexual orientation. LebMASH has responded to the Legal Agenda’s report on shame tests still being performed in Lebanon, where 5 men recently were subjected to the test (in Arabic). LebMASH urges the Lebanese Order of Physicians (LOP) to discipline Dr. Ahmad Mokdad and offers to provide the LOP’s members with cultural competency training and scientifically sound educational sessions on the topic.

Unknownlegal agenda

I, Jonathan Lawrence, thank for hosting my post. I decry the lack of media attention to this story. There are regular reports in Western media concerning homosexuality and homosexual rights, yet these outrageous invasive and abusive tests, which can permanently damage an individual, both mentally and physically, have largely been ignored by Western media outlets.


Jonathan Lawrence


شربل يدعو المثليين إلى التظاهر

يحل وزير الداخلية في حكومة تصريف الأعمال مروان شربل مرةً جديدة ضيفاً على واجهة تصريحاتٍ لا تخلو من السخرية والاستفزاز .

فبعد تصريحه الشهير الذي قال فيه أن “لبنان ضد اللواط” وبعدما أكد أن “لبنان يجرم اللواط ويعاقب عليه قانونياً ” ، أتى هذه المرة مشجعاً ال”لواط” على المطالبة بحقوقهم و التظاهر للحصول عليها كما فعل الفرنسيون قائلا” : “فليتظاهروا كما تظاهر الفرنسيون (للحصول على حق الزواج المثلي)، فليحتجوا ويطالبوا بما يريدون”.

هل نسي شربل أن هذه الفئة من المجتمع هي الفئة المهمشة ؟ هل نسي أنه وبوجود أمثاله وأمثال “الشخطورة” ،أكثرية هؤلاء “اللواط” يعيشون في قلقٍ دائم من أن يتم تعريتهم يوماً ما وإرسال صورهم إلى وسائل الإعلام؟

اذا كان شربل هو نفسه لا يتقبل ابنه إذا كان “لوطي” حسبما صرح ، فكيف على مجتمعٍ مليء بأمثاله أن يتقبل هؤلاء المثليين؟

من يطلب من هذه الفئة في المجتمع بالتظاهر كمن يطلب من فلسطينيين التظاهر داخل تل أبيب للمطالبة بحقوقهم. فيا لسخرية القدر. إن تظاهر “اللواط” في مجتمع تسود فيه عقليّة شرقية مثل لبنان ممكن أن يعرّضنا للاستهداف.

فيا معالي الوزير ، مشكور على اهتمامك وتشجعيك لنا على المطالبة بحقوقنا، ولكن حقنا الأول والأخير هو تصحيح القانون أولاً وتوعية العقلية السائدة في مجتمعٍ يجهل المثلية الجنسية لكي وعلى ضوء ذلك يتشجع هؤلاء المثليون من العيش بحرية و”راحت بال” ممهدين الطريق للمطالبة علناً بحقوقهم و التظاهر كما فعل الفرنسيون.

Alex A

Call to Action – Raise your Equality Flag

May 6, 2013 1 comment

French to follow – إقرأ بالعربية في الأسفل

This would mark the first time The Lebanese LGBT Media Monitor changes its profile photo since Oct 2009 when the logo was created.

We believe in the righteousness of our cause. We believe that we, the marginalized minority in the Lebanese society, can make a difference if we speak out and will witness change in our days if we work for it.

We call on you to make this your profile photo until the International Day Against Homophobia and Transpohobia (IDAHO) on May 17 2013.

Use this as your profile photo if you believe that all citizens should be treated equally regardless of their sexual orientation, gender or gender identity or expression.

Use it if you are disturbed by what our Minister of Interior has just announced: “Lebanon is against Liwat (derogatory term for homosexuality), which is considered a crime according to Lebanese law. I wonder, now that France allowed same-sex marriage would we allow them to enter our country”

Use it to show your discontent with #DekAbuse case that we have been covering.

Use it if you are a straight ally. Use it to support your lesbian co-worker or gay friend, your bisexual partner or transgender family member

The two red bars of the Lebanese Flag say “7okouk” Arabic for “Rights” and form an Equal sign.

Ce serait la première fois que Le Moniteur (The Monitor) change sa photo de profil depuis octobre 2009 lorsque le logo a été créé.

Nous croyons en la justice de notre cause. Nous croyons que nous, la minorité marginalisée dans la société libanaise, peut faire une différence si nous nous exprimons et nous serons témoins du changement à notre époque si nous travaillons pour cela.

Nous vous demandons d’utiliser cette photo comme votre photo de profil jusqu’à la Journée internationale contre l’Homophobie et Transphobie (IDAHO) le 17 mai 2013.
Utilisez-le comme votre photo de profil si vous croyez que tous les citoyens doivent être traités de manière égale, quelle que soit leur orientation sexuelle, leur sexe, ou leur identité ou expression sexuelle.

Utilisez-le si vous êtes dérangé par ce que notre ministre de l’Intérieur vient d’annoncer: «Le Liban est contre le Liwat (terme péjoratif pour désigner l’homosexualité), qui est considéré comme un crime selon la loi libanaise. Je me demande, maintenant que la France a permis le mariage de même sexe, si nous leur permettons d’entrer dans notre pays ”

Utilisez-le pour montrer votre mécontentement avec le cas de #DekAbuse que nous avons couverts.

Utilisez-le si vous êtes un allié hétérosexuels. Utilisez-le pour soutenir votre collègue lesbienne ou ami gay, votre partenaire bisexuel ou un membre de la famille transgenre.

Les deux barres rouges du drapeau libanais disent “7okouk”, arabe pour “droits”, et forment un signe égal.

.هذه هي المرّة الأولى التي يغيّر فيها مرصد الحركة المثلية اللبنانية في وسائل الإعلام في وسائل الإعلام صورته الشخصية منذ تشرين الأول 2009 عندما تمّ اعتماد شعار المرصد المتعارف عليه كصورة شخصية

.نحن نؤمن بأحقية قضيتنا. نحن نؤمن، أننا كأقليات مهمشة في المجتمع اللبناني، يمكننا أن نصنع الفرق إذا رفعنا الصوت ويمكننا أن نصنع التغيير إذا عملنا له

.نحن ندعوكم أن تغيرّوا صورتكم الشخصية الى هذه الصورة (أدناه) من هذا التاريخ حتى اليوم العالمي لمناهضة رهاب المثلية والتحول الجنسي (IDAHO) في 17 أيار

استعملوا هذه الصورة كصورتكم الشخصية إذ كنتم تؤمنون أنه يجب معاملة جميع المواطنين بمساواة بغض النظر عن ميولهم الجنسية ونوعهم الاجتماعي (الجندر) و هويتهم الجندرية

استعملوا هذه الصورة اذا أزعجكم كلام وزير الداخلية الذي أعلن أن “لبنان ضد اللواط وهو بحسب القانون اللبناني يعتبر جناية” وتساءل “هل بعدما سمحت فرنسا بزواج المثليين، نسمح بدخولهم لبنان؟”

.استعملوا هذه الصورة لتظهروا استيائكم من التعدي الذي حصل في الدكوانة

.استعملوا هذه الصورة لتظهروا دعمكم لزميلتكم المثلية في العمل أو لصديقكم المثلي، أو لشريكم المزدوج الجنس أو لأحد أقاربكم المتحول(ة) جنسياً

.إن المكتوب على الخطين الأحمرين من العلم هي كلمة حقوق ويشكل هذان الخطان علامة المساواة

#LebLGBT Equality Flag

The development on the #Dekabuse #LebLGBT

May 2, 2013 1 comment

The development on the #Dekabuse #LebLGBT

LBC, Al Jadeed, MTV decided to defend the gay community.

Future TV, Al Manar TV chose silence, as usual, which is understandable.

OTV?! They’re confused about being a civil and laique TV channel or being like Tele Lumiere/NourSat. So Randa El Murr, is all what you’ve got to offer?! Pshhhhhhhhhhhh… Losers!

Yesterday night while passing by Dekweneh, I see all these signs, “We back you! Thank you for fighting corruption! Thank you for defending our rights! We’re by your side.” In one day, all the clerics and charitable institutions have decided to all react at the same time, even political parties. I felt like I was in Medjugorje.

Oh my car is driving on a holy land! Hooooo!

Oh Mr. Mayor can you bless my car? I suggest you stand in the middle of the road and throw holy water on people passing.

So the church forgot all the corruption that it has because gay aliens are invading Dekwaneh. Which planet do those gay people come from? Is there a planet GAY?! You know a glittery planet where they listen to Barbara Streisand, Madonna, Britney?!?!!?

Or is it country….called Gayistan?!!?! Crossing on my heart….Oh Lord!!!

The church decided to neglect all its gay sons?! What?

Things don’t stop here; now there is a car moving in Dekwaneh calling on people to gather in front of the St. Georges church to defend the attacks that the head of the municipality is suffering from?

WHHHHHAAAATTTTTT?! He’s under attack?!!?!? Those gay people are so aggressive.

You know my suggestions is to call on all religions to praise God for protection of Gay people. Wooooohhooooo…

Not only that! We can slaughter a virgin girl so that our God be satisfied. Afterwards we kill all those gay people. We do the Crusades again. We kill Joan of Arc and Galileo!!!

Weeeehewwww…..God is on our side against those invaders.

I mean look at the Cabarets and Poker places, they’re paying the amount that makes them be part of us. They’re Dekwanies!

All I can think of is the misfortune of the gay people living inside Dekwaneh and seeing this carnival!!! The worst would be if they’re relatives of Mr Shakhtoura!!! Haaaaaaaa!

Can we do a special dance as well?!?!?! Performed by those police officers who lived out their fantasies with transsexuals? That would be awesome!

Come on everyone, let’s praise the God of Homophobia!!!

By Joseph Aoun

My imaginary Lebanon #DekAbuse #LebLGBT

April 28, 2013 2 comments

My imaginary Lebanon

Once upon the time, there was a Lebanese mother of two, who cared for her children, Antoine and Antonella, and tried to raise them to love each others and take care of each others.

Antonella, was a transgender, she was loved by all, beautiful, humble, had a high sense of humor, lived like a diva, wore the best high heels in town.

Antoine, was a constipated straight guy, he didn’t find his place in the gay community because of his ugly character and closeted case, and had no sense of FAB.

They grew together, Antonella tried her best to let her brother embrace the love of life, but he always refused it. Jealousy have blinded his eyes and heart from seeing the love Antonella had for him. All he could see was the love of people towards his sister and always envied her for that. He never understood the fact of him not being popular like her. People loved her genuinely. She always managed to grab attention wherever she was, while him, nobody looked at him in her presence.

Antoine decided to run for municipality one day. Antonella was there for him, and she played a major role in his campaign, people voted for him because they loved her so much. But Antoine couldn’t really appreciate that cause his heart was full of hatred.

He hated her so much till he became homophobic against every Fabulous person. It’s not true that gay people are harmless, he used to say, they are malicious, they forbid me of people’s love. He never knew that people could see the hatred in him and his incapacity of loving, and therefore could not love him like they love Antonella, who loved life, loved people, and was humble and glamorous in the same time.

One day, Antoine thought of his position as head of the municipality, and thought to use it for his own personal interest, by revenging from Antonella, so he decided to close Ghost, a place where she used to gather with her friends to have some fun and change some mood, and humiliate his sister in front of people, he conducted her to the police stations of the municipality without having any legitimacy for such an act, removed her clothes, and took pictures of her beautiful body, thinking that people would be disgusted.

What Antoine ignored this time, is that people stood more than ever with Antonella, they cried for seeing her being humiliated in that way, having her body violated, seeing a brother doing such a thing to his sister, making her suffer verbal violence by ignorant policemen, who hit her, and raped her dignity.

What Antoine ignored also, was the fact that Antonella is not weak, she will never have her pride broken, she will never go submissive by force. Antonella this time knew that her brother needs to be taught a lesson. Antonella will take off her high heels and make sure it leaves a mark on Antoine’s head, just because she loved him and she needs him to wake up of his hatred mode.

Let us all be Antonella…

By Joseph Aoun


My response to Mayor of Dekwaneh abuses

April 26, 2013 Leave a comment

This is a response of Dr. Hasan Abdessamad to the Dekwaneh arrests on April 21 2013.

Dr. Hasan Abdessamad

Imagine you get a phone call from your sister telling you she was arrested on a night out and her nude photos are already circulating online.

Imagine your closeted best-friend, who fears for his life if his family knew about his sexuality, has his name publicly posted on the door of a recently shut down gay bar.

It can happen to anyone of us or the people we love and care about, so we shall not remain silent.

The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation, LBC TV, asked the public to submit their response to the human right abuses committed by Dekwaneh Mayor Antoine Chakhtoura on April 21 2013. That night, Chakhtoura ordered a raid on Ghost Bar that caters for gay bisexual and transgender clientele. His forces carried illegal detention of people. Victims were dragged to the municipality building, where they were insulted, interrogated, forced to undress and their photos were taken. The bar…

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“Closure of a heterosexual bar” – if only #DekAbuse #LebLGBT

April 24, 2013 2 comments

Back to Beirut, after a period of relaxation, and back to our everyday fight.

What if the scenario was any different, just for the sake of change.

Closure of a heterosexual bar:

An attack on people’s basic human rights and sexual rights in the municipality of Dekweneh. What happened on Saturday night?

The police of Dekweneh entered to this bar and attacked the people who were there. Why? Because of their sexual preferences. The municipality doesn’t like heterosexuals.

“I entered and i saw 25 people outside. Men, that looked like men, typically. I saw in the bathrooms this guy talking to this girl, this guy kissing this girl, this guy who’s laying hand on this girl, this guy wearing a Jeans, u know these Unnatural and perverted behaviors”

So the head of the municipality decides to close the bar with red candle tampons, being protective towards the public morals because the people who frequent those places are Heterosexual. He denied the prostitution tho saying that all he saw were sexual behaviors. Anyway, they arrested 4 people and took them to the police station and obliged them to take their clothes off to confirm that they are straight.

“Yes they took off their clothes in our police stations, because we wanted to know what are they, they were breaking the public morals on the roads and we wanted to know if they’re really straight men, or half straight men. I don’t accept this in Dekweneh. Dekweneh is known for its humbleness, and this is our fortress of peace, we were always peaceful and defending the white resistance of Mahatma Ghandi, protecting our morals and the gay pride, not to see those heterosexuals, with all my respect to them, and to human rights, come and practice their perversion in our land.”

Hetero-phobia is dominant nowadays everywhere, while the state and its municipalities are taken by people’s sexuality, where do they get this right from? And under what excuse does it break into people’s personal sexual life?

Chakhtoura Dekwaneh

By Joseph Aoun

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