Homophobes Hall of Shame

On Sept. 1, 2010 Raynbow launched the “Homo-friendly or Homophobic” project to categorize Lebanese and Arab celebrities based on their attitudes towards and positions on homosexuality.

Please note that this list is not engraved in stone. Labels will change with any new evidence of change in attitudes or position. The Monitor will do its best to always provide the evidence that supports our labeling. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions of new celebrities to add to the list we are always happy to read from you at raynbow.org@gmail.com

Patricia El-Hashem: Homophobic

She is a Lebanese journalist and editor of Bisara7a online entertainment magazine. Patricia El-Hashem deserves the title “Homophobe” after her magazine recently published a homophobic article on Oct. 3rd 2010. The article uses homophobic slurs and dares to ask Lebanese homosexuals to immigrate in order to cleanse the country. You can click here to read the article in Arabic.

Nidal Al Ahmadiye: Queen of Homophobia

Lebanese journalist and editor of Al-Jaras magazine, Nidal Alahmadiye, deserves the title of the “Queen of Homophobia” after her recent deliberate homophobic attacks through Al-Jaras magazine on LGBT individuals, tourism and night life. After condemning Lebanese homosexuals as Zionists and throwing serious accusations that can be life-threatening to some citizens, M. Ahmadieh interviewed the man who claims to be responsible for the closing of LGBT-frequented night club, Acid. She reaches out to the Lebanese government to close all LGBT establishments in order to “clean Beirut”. Read the full article by Al-Jaras magazine written by reporter Diana Wehbe at the Lebanese LGBT Media Monitor: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Read this response by Bekhsoos.

Fares Karam: Homophobic

This Lebanese singer earned this title for his music video clip Neswanji (Womanizer) in which he literally says “May God send diseases to anyone who is not sexually attracted to women” (Yalli ma y7ib el niswan, allah yib3atlo 3illi). The same song is also very demeaning, demoralizing and objectifying for women. Listen to the song. Here is his Facebook Fan Page if you would like to take action.

Malek Maktabi: Homophobic

He is a Lebanese presenter whose talk show on the Lebanese satellite TV channel LBC has sparked an outrage among the Lebanese and Arab LGBT community after a poorly researched episode on homosexuality that contributed to further propagation of inaccurate information and deepening the crisis of homophobia in the region.

For more info, check out this article in Menassat.

Ward El Khal: Homophobic

After what sounded like a positive comment on “7adis al Balad”: homosexuality is a fact and we have to accept it (al mithliya 2amer wake3 wbadna netkabalo), the Lebanese actress’s comments during the first episode of MTV’s “Bel Hawa Sawa” in Aug. 2010 sparked significant anger in the LGBT community. She referred to homosexuality as “perversion” (shouzouz), and drew the line of morality at playing the role of a lesbian “I don’t have a problem acting any role but homosexuality- no!” (ma 3ende mechkle 2ade 7ayala dor bas el chozouz la2!). Her comments led to an invasion of her fan page by angry LGBT people and their non-LGBT allies and granted her the “Homophobe of the Month” on Bekhsoos magazine.
For more info, check out the actual episode on MTV

Maria: Homophobic

Lebanese-Armenian performer Maria Nalbandian announced that she likes acting complex roles like Lesbian roles. Nevertheless she considered that “Lesbians are expanding more and more in the Arab world and that this should be shown on TV to make people aware of this danger”.

For more info check out this article by Lebanonhur.com

Amal Hijazi: Homophobic

Lebanese Singer Amal Hijazi was “accused” of homosexuality after appearing in a clip wearing a T-shirt with a logo of an LGBT brand. She later claimed she was not aware what the logo represents. “I’m a conservative girl and I would never do anything that goes against my beliefs and against God.” She later scratched the LGBT signs off her T-shirt.
For more info check out this article by All-patch.org

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    never heard God say he did not like gay people ….after all he made gay people

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