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The development on the #Dekabuse #LebLGBT

The development on the #Dekabuse #LebLGBT

LBC, Al Jadeed, MTV decided to defend the gay community.

Future TV, Al Manar TV chose silence, as usual, which is understandable.

OTV?! They’re confused about being a civil and laique TV channel or being like Tele Lumiere/NourSat. So Randa El Murr, is all what you’ve got to offer?! Pshhhhhhhhhhhh… Losers!

Yesterday night while passing by Dekweneh, I see all these signs, “We back you! Thank you for fighting corruption! Thank you for defending our rights! We’re by your side.” In one day, all the clerics and charitable institutions have decided to all react at the same time, even political parties. I felt like I was in Medjugorje.

Oh my car is driving on a holy land! Hooooo!

Oh Mr. Mayor can you bless my car? I suggest you stand in the middle of the road and throw holy water on people passing.

So the church forgot all the corruption that it has because gay aliens are invading Dekwaneh. Which planet do those gay people come from? Is there a planet GAY?! You know a glittery planet where they listen to Barbara Streisand, Madonna, Britney?!?!!?

Or is it country….called Gayistan?!!?! Crossing on my heart….Oh Lord!!!

The church decided to neglect all its gay sons?! What?

Things don’t stop here; now there is a car moving in Dekwaneh calling on people to gather in front of the St. Georges church to defend the attacks that the head of the municipality is suffering from?

WHHHHHAAAATTTTTT?! He’s under attack?!!?!? Those gay people are so aggressive.

You know my suggestions is to call on all religions to praise God for protection of Gay people. Wooooohhooooo…

Not only that! We can slaughter a virgin girl so that our God be satisfied. Afterwards we kill all those gay people. We do the Crusades again. We kill Joan of Arc and Galileo!!!

Weeeehewwww…..God is on our side against those invaders.

I mean look at the Cabarets and Poker places, they’re paying the amount that makes them be part of us. They’re Dekwanies!

All I can think of is the misfortune of the gay people living inside Dekwaneh and seeing this carnival!!! The worst would be if they’re relatives of Mr Shakhtoura!!! Haaaaaaaa!

Can we do a special dance as well?!?!?! Performed by those police officers who lived out their fantasies with transsexuals? That would be awesome!

Come on everyone, let’s praise the God of Homophobia!!!

By Joseph Aoun

  1. Joe Hitty
    May 2, 2013 at 2:09 pm

    This is why Lebanon is still called a — Third World Country —

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