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The attack was against all the community #DekAbuse #LebLGBT

No the attack was not only on the Transgender/Transsexual/Transvestite community.
The attack was against all the community.

Some might be mistaken by thinking that the police have a problem only with men wearing women’s clothes. Even if that dickhead has taken them as an example to justify his malicious actions.

In Lebanon, you feel that there is acceptance for a male sleeping with another if he remains a man. How? Simply by abiding to the general perception of how a man should be.

1- He should wear men’s clothes. Of Course!!! We are oriental, we live in an oriental society, where manhood has a meaning that is different from anywhere of the world. I’m an oriental man. I have body and facial hair all over, I brag about it… My manhood is built upon erasing the presence of women. Hell yeah, she should be submissive to me. Why cause my Mama has treated me like a prince, she fulfills all what I need, but if she doesn’t?! I beat her, or at least I get grumpy like a kid and start nagging like b*tch!!!

A man wearing women’s clothes?! Hell I’m confused, this is the end of the world. Men in our countries should not be weak, they’re not allowed to cry, they’re not allowed to get in touch with their deep emotions. They should be tough (*ROAR*). Oriental men should be like lions, they just move to go eat, piss all over their territory, and have fights with other lions to prove dominance, oh and kill little children that can become potential threats to the throne, including the children in us.

2-Of course an oriental man is not allowed to get F*cked. What?! What’s next?!?! Them wearing skirts?!?! Well in Scotland they do, and they’re sizzling hot manly!!! A man in our countries is still allowed to f*ck men, even donkeys. But getting F*cked?!?!? haaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! Then we start bullying him : BYENTEK. LOUTEH!! Some bullying starts at home, some in the street, some at work!!! Well, I’ve met many straight men that have the fetish of getting F*cked! So what???!!! Are they any less as men?! I never thought that a man’s hole is public property!!! In the army, a guy that gets f*cked is sent away from the army, because “he’s less of a man”. A guy that f*cks, is only punished, but he’s still man enough to eat raw snakes (*ROAR* again).

3- It doesn’t stop here, oriental men should not wear traditional clothes anymore. In Lebanon, that’s part of being half a man, now you should wear a regular untight jeans that don’t show your ass, or a suit cause you’re so European. You’re are not allowed to put Arabic maskara, people tend to forget that Arabs used to do. A man also is shamed for doing plastic surgeries. An oriental man doesn’t really care for his looks, his machismo is enough. You’re not allowed to pluck your eyebrows (HOOOOOO). Well I know straight men who do all of these. Hell, I know straight men that even like to wear women’s clothes in bed, and also put make up, with the reddest lipstick.

In Lebanon, if you match what an oriental man is, even if you’re gay, you’re accepted, because you’re still a man. While all the hate goes on against Transgenders/Transvestites/Transsexuals cause they refuse to be oriental men, they don’t wanna be men maybe in the 1st place, but they’re not allowed this privilege. Born a man, you die like a man! Right?! You have a d*ck?! You’re doomed!!!

I call on extra protection for the Transsexual community, they are taking all the hate to protect us, they’re defying the norms to make us feel accepted, they’re the first victims of Homophobia, even inside the community.

Oh and one last thing, I call on bar owners and managers not to abide by homophobic conceptions, to refuse fear, and not to forbid Transsexuals from entering their bars, cause that for sure is a crime against the community, against our HEROES (HEROINES)

F*ck you, oriental man….

By Joseph Aoun

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