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My response to Mayor of Dekwaneh abuses

This is a response of Dr. Hasan Abdessamad to the Dekwaneh arrests on April 21 2013.

Dr. Hasan Abdessamad

Imagine you get a phone call from your sister telling you she was arrested on a night out and her nude photos are already circulating online.

Imagine your closeted best-friend, who fears for his life if his family knew about his sexuality, has his name publicly posted on the door of a recently shut down gay bar.

It can happen to anyone of us or the people we love and care about, so we shall not remain silent.

The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation, LBC TV, asked the public to submit their response to the human right abuses committed by Dekwaneh Mayor Antoine Chakhtoura on April 21 2013. That night, Chakhtoura ordered a raid on Ghost Bar that caters for gay bisexual and transgender clientele. His forces carried illegal detention of people. Victims were dragged to the municipality building, where they were insulted, interrogated, forced to undress and their photos were taken. The bar…

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