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“Closure of a heterosexual bar” – if only #DekAbuse #LebLGBT

Back to Beirut, after a period of relaxation, and back to our everyday fight.

What if the scenario was any different, just for the sake of change.

Closure of a heterosexual bar:

An attack on people’s basic human rights and sexual rights in the municipality of Dekweneh. What happened on Saturday night?

The police of Dekweneh entered to this bar and attacked the people who were there. Why? Because of their sexual preferences. The municipality doesn’t like heterosexuals.

“I entered and i saw 25 people outside. Men, that looked like men, typically. I saw in the bathrooms this guy talking to this girl, this guy kissing this girl, this guy who’s laying hand on this girl, this guy wearing a Jeans, u know these Unnatural and perverted behaviors”

So the head of the municipality decides to close the bar with red candle tampons, being protective towards the public morals because the people who frequent those places are Heterosexual. He denied the prostitution tho saying that all he saw were sexual behaviors. Anyway, they arrested 4 people and took them to the police station and obliged them to take their clothes off to confirm that they are straight.

“Yes they took off their clothes in our police stations, because we wanted to know what are they, they were breaking the public morals on the roads and we wanted to know if they’re really straight men, or half straight men. I don’t accept this in Dekweneh. Dekweneh is known for its humbleness, and this is our fortress of peace, we were always peaceful and defending the white resistance of Mahatma Ghandi, protecting our morals and the gay pride, not to see those heterosexuals, with all my respect to them, and to human rights, come and practice their perversion in our land.”

Hetero-phobia is dominant nowadays everywhere, while the state and its municipalities are taken by people’s sexuality, where do they get this right from? And under what excuse does it break into people’s personal sexual life?


Chakhtoura Dekwaneh

By Joseph Aoun

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