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Hamed Sinno’s first cover story

We are all in anticipation for My Kali‘s next issue to be released online on December 1st 2012.

Our Lebanese out Hamed Sinno, lead singer for Mashrou’ Leila, has offered his first cover story to this Jordanian LGBT magazine.

In this unique feature, “Hamed will be discussing misconceptions, his analysis on happiness, love and sexuality, and being subjected to bullying. As well about music and the new album.” says My Kali representative in their email sent to Raynbow about the upcoming story.


Hamed Sinno is openly gay and he never shies away from flaunting it. We first heard about him from anti-homophobia and political Graffiti on walls of Beirut many years ago. Then his name shined further in our community when he grabbed a rainbow flag from the crowd attending Mashrou’ Leila’s performance in Byblos International Festival, Hamed ran on stage with the flag and tied it to his microphone for the rest of the concert.









Of course, we can’t forget about his famous sensual romantic song, Shim El Yasmine, that he proudly states it is a love song that he wrote based on personal experience with the man he loved and broke his heart.

Mashrou’ Leila has broken the taboo and the unspoken rule that the sexual orientation of an artist in the Arab world could affect their success. “Despite” Hamed Sinno’s courage to come out in public again and again, and strongly showing his support for human rights especially the rights of sexual minorities, the popularity of Mashrou’ Leila is only growing. I personally saw them rocking Baalbeck International Festival and another LebLGBTmonitor Admin saw them in Montreal. No gayness is stopping the band in a society that is still plaqued by homophobia, Hamed has only proven that being honest with your fans about who you are could be just another key to fame and success.

This is the first time we talk about My Kali on the Lebanese LGBT Media Monitor, but My Kali has been around for some time and they have proven they figured the secret to sustainability. Check this article in Bekhsoos about My Kali dating back to Oct. 2009.

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