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The #LebLGBT Weekly editor’s note – Sept 10 2012

The Mohamad Eskandar debacle continues.

The singer was banned from entering the Canadian territories due to the sexist and homophobic nature of his songs.

Fares Eskandar, the singer’s son and song writer, is alleging that his father was not banned from entering Canada on these grounds. He goes on to say that he and his father are true to their convictions and cannot accept homosexuality which he describes as a sexual deviance.

Fares described Helem (dream in Arabic), the NGO that defends LGBT rights in Lebanon, as a nightmare that needs to be eradicated before it destroys society. Amazed, he asks, is the norm nowadays to exalt the male’s feminism and disdain his masculinity? Mr Fares, how about for a change you reconsider what is it that makes a man? Times have changed. The domineering, arrogant, sexist, uncompromising, uptight, mini-dictator men of yesterday are a dying species. Live with it. How about for a change you sing for humanity, not the male, the ideal man of yesteryears? How about you exalt what makes us human in the first place, like love, empathy, tolerance, modesty, generosity, the list is endless? How about you sing for the future, a future where we are all treated equally and have the same rights and duties?

We might be a nightmare for you, but that’s ok, we hold on tight to our dream on keep on working till it becomes a reality. A song or two won’t break us!

Written by The #LebLGBT Weekly editor

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