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Editor’s note for The #LebLGBT Weekly – Sept 3, 2012

We did it!

The past weeks, human rights advocates in Canada scored a victory against the bigotry of the Lebanese singer Mohamed Eskandar. Mr. Eskandar used and reused old and tired stereotypes in his songs that define gender roles.

His songs are a clear violation of womyn, children and LGBT rights. It is unfortunate that Mohamad Iskandar goes on with his songs unchecked in his native Lebanon, but the Lebanese diaspora in Canada summoned its forces and managed to stop him. The hosting venues in Windsor, Montreal and Ottawa were rallied and pressured to provide in writing a promise that he will not sing his two most popular but also most horrendous songs.
In addition to this success, the Canadian authorities denied Mr. Eskandar an entry visa to Canada and he did not make it to any of his three concerts. Kudos to the Lebanese diaspora and to its activists, we hope that this zeal and commitment reaches our homeland and pushes things in the right direction.

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