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Lebanese singer Mohammad Iskandar undesirable Canada

 This is an English translation for the French article that occurred in L’Orient Le Jour on Aug 24 2012.

The artist is accused of homophobia and sexism by gay rights groups.

The imminent arrival of Lebanese singer Mohammad Iskandar in Canada was denounced by the Canadian branch of an organization that defends the gay Lebanese and Arabs, who accused him of homophobia and sexism. The release of the group Helem, working since 2004 to denounce the discrimination against LGBT people (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals), cited in particular a “homophobic” song of Mohammad Iskandar released this year and called Dod El-ENEF-(Against Violence), repeating the slogan often used by the gay community to advocate for their rights.

Without being very popular in Lebanon – where his last album did not attract much attention – Mr. Iskandar has previously release two sexist songs questioning the equality between women and men.

According to Helem, Dod El-ENEF tells the story of a family where the homosexuality of a son has caused the separation of his parents. It also promotes violence against songs ‘effeminate’ boys. His clip on YouTube, repeats homophobic stereotypes, such as men having sex in toilets and boys wearing high heels and playing with dolls.

The Canadian group says that “offensive art” of the Lebanese singer “contradicts Canadian values ​​and encourages hate”. Helem reserved the right to sue the sponsors of the concerts, planned for early September in Montreal and Ottawa.

According to the organizers of a “Family Festival” in Montreal, in which the Lebanese artist should perform, the controversial song should not be included in the program, reported the daily La Presse.

In a statement released last Thursday, the singer’s press office said that Mohammad Iskandar tour will take place as planned and all tickets are sold.

Translated by a Raynbow volunteer


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