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Mohamed Eskandar reigns on throne of Republic of Shame

عربي: إضغط هنا

Artists always demand justice for them and their art and not to “politicize” their views. They say that the artist is for everyone and that art is sacred. Sometimes, some of them feel injustice when a critic does not have mercy on him/her.

How so, since we applaud them, follow their news, buy their latest albums, are indifferent to their abuse and depravity? In this context, light should be shed on some works of art that has nothing to do with art, either closely nor from afar.

Recently, I was struck by advertisement and it took my breath at the first glance. It was an ad about the “stallion” Mohamed Eskandar’s concert in Canada scheduled for September 1st and 2nd. This concert should be boycotted by all members of the Lebanese community in Canada for many reasons.


Eskandar sat perfectly on the throne of “homophobia” and “violence against women and the reduction of her value” for the past few years in the republic that the civil society recently named the “Republic of shame.”

It makes them proud that Mohamed Eskandar represents their beliefs that are transmitted from generation to generation, especially that his eyes are infallible to everything that is happening around him from progress, democracy, openness and the equality between men and women, which he is still fighting against in every new work he releases.

Even though the right to criticize the “inherent” art is reprehensible, it is permitted in this case. For in which country is it allowed that a man releases a song that prevents women from accomplishing her goals and building her future through knowledge and a diploma? In which country is it entitled for a “male” to classify men according to their beliefs and traditions?

Yes, Mohamed Eskandar has surpassed all these red lines through his art and his ignorance has reached a point where he filmed his song “against violence” where he and the director believe that homosexuality can be categorized as a man “who looks like a guy but acts like a girl” and attribute it to the way parents treat their children at a young age.

It seems that criticizing Eskandar’s work has only increased his fame and wealth. We now have to worry about every “retarded” person who can sing. He travels, has fun and joy and conveys the wrong beliefs about the Lebanese mentality abroad.
Unfortunately, we have to ask the Lebanese community in Canada, which will be visited by the stallion Eskandar, to boycott this concert and this artist in general so that we do not allow for such cheap art and homophobia to be passed from a country that takes pride in its ancestors’ history that held Lebanon’s head up high to another country. We are here to criticize, educate and spread awareness to everyone that we will not remain silent about issues like these, especially that they are untrue and does not represent the Lebanese at all.

Original article written in Arabic by Alex – Raynbow volunteer

Translated by Alloush – Blogger at HomosLibnani


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