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The Outlook Leaks! Editor’s First Email to Mohamad Sibai

As many of you have already known, the email account of AUB’s OutLook magazine has been hacked and the emails are being currently leaked on Twitter under the Twitter Handle @TheOutlookLeaks

We will be reviewing all the emails and publishing a brief summary about their content.

Here is the first email Outlook’s Editor-in-Chief sends to the author of the poorly researched homophobic and misinformed article. Please note that in her self-described, “standard reply” to those who complained about the article, the Editor-in-Chief called the “complaints” but while discussing them with the author of the article, she calls them “hate mail”:

Date: Fri, 4 May 2012 02:42:22 +0300

Subject: hate mail
From: AUB Outlook <outlook@aub.edu.lb>
To: Mohamad Sibai <——————>


We’ve received lots of hate mail about your article up until this point, so
I’d just like to send you a warning that students might be sending some
emails to you. Out of concern for your wellbeing, it would be best that you
do not respond to any of these accusations until we take affirmative
action. As of now, if anyone asks, please explain that you are entitled to
write your own opinion in a viewpoint and that is all.

Best of luck and I’ll update you as to any changes,


PS: Whereas we condemn hacking, the information we will be sharing has already been out to the public.
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