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Marieke Krijnen’s Emails to Outlook Newspaper

Initial Email Sent to Outlook:

Dear Madam, dear Sir:

Please be informed that I do not wish to read such homophobic junk as was published by Mohamad Sibai in your newspaper. I am ashamed to have shared my Alma Mater with people like this.


Marieke Krijnen


Response from Outlook:

Dear Marieke,

We have been receiving several complaints on behalf of this article. It is within every AUB student’s right to respond with a “Letter to the Editor”, though I believe the LGBTQ community in AUB would

like to issue a response themselves, which we will be giving priority. Should you like to submit your own reply (approx 300 words), please do so before sunday so we may give it space within the layout.

The writer in question is responsible for his own views, and Outlook maintains that every staff writer has the right to publish their own viewpoints, which are not meant to be edited unless for grammatical and stylistic error. As stated in our bylaws, we do not reflect any of our staff writers viewpoints, and remain a secular, independent newspaper.

We will be publishing an errata about the comment on Russia’s jail cells, as Russia legalized homosexuality in 1993.
Please let me know should you have any further questions.

Lojine Kamel

Outlook 2011-2012


Final Response from Marieke:

Dear Lojine,

Viewpoints are fine, but this is not a viewpoint, this is about inciting hatred towards gay people. Would it be OK for someone to publish a piece like this directed against Christians or Muslims? I don’t think so.

In any case, feel free to publish these emails. I do not have much more to say about it.



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