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***’s Response to AUB’s Homophobic Article

My dearest Mohamad Sibai, and all the rest of you homophobes,

The other day, I saw a couple holding hands along Hamra Street. Normally I would never look twice, but something was not right. One had short hair, facial hair, and a rough voice. The other had long hair, curves, and a light stride. The sight was disturbing. The image, haunting. No matter how much I rubbed my eyes, I could not erase the mental image they had taken. Perhaps the Lebanese population should slow down its process into secularism because my mind cannot take in this overwhelming thought.

I am going to make this very clear and concise.

Nobody ever said heterosexuality was the right way to go. The only argument backing this up is reproduction which, mind you, is not the sole reason for sex.

Your religious quotes are futile. Religious books are books written by men who put words into God’s mouth. Fingers are not to be pointed at God for ‘creating’ homosexuals, and for dictating the laws of right or wrong regarding this and so many other societal issues. Now, you really lost me at Levitcus, a persona of the Old Testament; a compilation of writings by men who lived so long ago, they probably died due to their inability to cure the flu. Might I add, your argument was based on religion, a topic as ‘controversial’ as the one you so tastefully and respectfully addressed.

I’d like to ask you a quick question here. People are not born black, it is the burning temperatures at the equator that sizzle their skin and darken it. People are not born pale, it is the sub-zero temperatures in Russian prison cells that turn their skin so transparent you can see their veins.
People are not born into a certain nationality.
People are not born into a certain religion.
People are not born into a certain sexuality.

You free the slaves yet segregate homosexuals; you fight for causes like the Armenian genocide, and recently the KONY scandal, yet you repress these men – and you forgot to mention, women’s feelings. (No, they are not urges; do not feed me such Freudian sharabia.)

You defend fellow Arabs from the stereotype labeling them – us – as terrorists, and yet you do just that with your precious little article. Not all gay men – and women – are carriers of STDs, just as all ‘straight’ men and women are immune to them. Not all gay men – and women – lack morals, are driven by lust, are nymphomaniacs. I trust you are aware that a myriad of ‘the straights’ are driven by lust and lack morals as well, yes?

I must also not forget to mention how archaic your sources are. Homosexuality was disregarded as a disease and/or mental disorder in 1973, and voted off unanimously by members of the American Psychiatric Association. There is no treatment, for it is a state of being.

Bear in mind, also, that the words ‘homosexual’ and ‘heterosexual’ are merely labels, which tend to inspire disgust due to the stereotype associated with them. Had we been cavemen observing same-sex relations we might cheer them on or even, God forbid, join in. It is expected, however, from a culture so horrifyingly driven by shunning what defies the norms and what fits into said stereotypes, to bring about another breed of labels that act as the anti-Christ and/or Pacific Plate’s Ring of Fire between these communities; those you call sexists. I believe the word you were looking for was ‘homophobes’ by the way.

With love (reciprocating your little hatred stunt),

***, and the rest of us ‘seculars’.

by anonymous


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