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Sam Chalhoub on Lebanese LGBT rights

Sam Chalhoub talks about Lebanese LGBT rights at the TAA 2012.

Below is the speech as found on Sam Chaloub;s YouTube Channel: samjchalhoub and Tumblr account: youaremyfella

I would like to introduce myself. I’m Sam Chalhoub. I used to be one of the most bullied students at school. And if I had to say what I’m about to say in the 80s (always been a loser in history), Hitler would have made of me a piece of soap. But here I am.
Hello Lebanese citizen. I am proud to stand here tonight. With hearts full of love and justice, I have come to expose the truth of our lives and silence liars. I have come to challenge discrimination that is paralyzing every single one of us. I have come to defend our honor

and win our equality. But most of all I have come in peace and with courage to say, “Lebanon, we are not scared anymore. We are not hiding anymore. Because starting this day, with love in our hearts, we’re building a bridge where no one suffers because of their sexual orientation or their gender.”
To my country of love, to my country of democracy, to my country where everyone is welcomed, shouldn’t we get a small part of your heart that protects us from discrimination? Don’t we have a place to feel happy and secure in the same time? Why do we have to hide every time we want to be happy? Why do you have to blame or censure this happiness and consider it to be against nature? Why?

If a part of your population is not safe in your lands because they are showing their happiness, then you are not a country. If a part of your population has to play hide and seek every time they appear in society, then you are not a country. If you think that punishing a part of your population that is at least being true to itself, then you are definitely not a country.
And when we talk about homophobia, why does the rainbow flag have to be burnt by some people who don’t accept the fact that being a part of the LGBT community is being a ‘normal’ citizen, human, thinker and what all the others are and more. Yes, more. Studies show that homosexuals have a more developed artistic vision due to a more developed sensibility and sensuality.
It is a community based on a conscious or an unconscious suffering during the first age. Is suffering a fact that should be rejected, mocked, assaulted or violently abused? Is it human to mock people fighting cancer or aids or any other factor that made them suffer – or are still suffering – once upon a time? Do we have the right to throw them in jail, or kill them by groups? If yes, then what’s to blame? Suffering?

A holy marriage where God gave their parents the permission of founding a family based on love and trust. And they were born. Christians, Muslims, Buddhists or Jews, LGBT* are fruits of divinity. You as a religious population say that God is perfect. How can he create something that he is against? You’re about to link this to criminals and law-breakers, but what you don’t know is that we, humans, made them out to be what they are. We made them imperfect by not looking at them the way they should have been looked at, by not giving them what they need from finance to affection. A killer will never kill for no reason, a pickpocket will never steal if he didn’t need it. A psychopath didn’t choose to be a psychopath. You, society, made them and their parents a victim of the unknown.
If God had the cruelty of punishing all of the societies for what they have made of our brothers and sisters, he would have made all of them burn in hell. However, God is way too love-giving. He loves you, loves me, loves every suffering person and knows exactly who the real criminal is and law-breaker. There are no sins. There are only a cycle of victims being cruel towards each other. You say that only God can judge you. Well, who are you to judge God for who he loves and who he doesn’t?
Let me end this speech by making you agree with my words. Dear Lebanese citizen, together we can rule the world. Keep that in mind: If we can change a mentality, we can change a society.

*LGBT: Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender.

Here is the actual YouTube video:


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  1. Rainbow
    January 28, 2012 at 3:24 pm

    thank you Sam 🙂

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