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LGBT Media Mania and Community’s Reactions

TimeOUT Beirut interviews two Lebanese gay bloggers.

It is refreshing to read positive and supportive articles by Lebanese media about LGBT issues. It is time our media starts dealing with the LGBT people as just another diverse Lebanese reality rather than a “phenomena” or a “weird” story that will make the headlines and increase the media portal’s audience and viewers. It is time our media realizes the great harm it inflicts on LGBT individuals when it propagates lies and incites hatred. It is time we tell our media that we will not stand idle or stay silent in the face of any insults, discrimination or defamation. We should actively back-up LGBT-supportive media to prove that portrayal of the truth, attaining justice, and respecting all human rights also “sell” in Lebanon.

Raynbow Monitor started the  “Homophobes Hall of Shame and Homophiles Hall of Fame” project to categorize Lebanese media figures and celebrities based on documented statements, positions or work. You can always suggest new candidates for this project by writing us at raynbow.org@gmail.com

Here is a scanned copy of the TimeOUT Beirut article. Credits go to Beirut Boy Blog

On October 18, 2010, two shows about “Homosexuality in Lebanon” ran on two Lebanese TV stations at the same time. Al-Jadeed (New) TV (NTV) presented episode 1 of “Mithly Mithlak” documentary by Riad Kobeissy. On Future TV (FTV), “The Homosexual Crime” aired as part of by Zaven Kouyoumdjian’s talk show “Sireh wou Infata7it“.

Episode 2 of “Mithly Mithlak” aired a week later on October 25, 2010.

The two shows received significant attention on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other media. Here is a quick list of social and written media reactions:

Today, MTV Lebanon will be hosting yet another talk show about homosexuality in Lebanon. “Tahkik” by Claude Hind will air at 10 PM (Beirut time). Make sure to watch it on TV or Live Online and contribute to the discussion.

We will be monitoring and actively streaming the content of that episode live to you via our Facebook page and Twitter. Stay tuned.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that this media mania is not rare. As we write about these current episodes it is worth reminiscing on previous TV spots made popular by how homophobic they were. Check out “Top 5 Worst TV Shows on Homosexuality” published in January 2010.

By Raynbow Founder,

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